Semana Dos.

Ok, I know I have been pretty bad about posting but no worries! I haven’t done a whole lot lately besides school. Let me start from where I left off.

Wednesday: I got to go to the Prado Museum which was so awesome! I couldn’t take any pictures but I saw about seven Paintings that I studied in my Art History class! It was amazing seeing them in person. Here are some good ole’ pics from the world wide web of a few of my favorites:

“Las Meninas” by Velazquez

This depicts normal court life. It is so detailed but very abstract when you are viewing it up close. There is a self-portrait of Velazquez as well as a depiction of the King and Queen in the mirror in the background.

“Surrender of Breda” Velazquez

We spent a long time analyzing this one in my class. We had to figure out which side was the Spaniards and which the Dutch. The side with the vertical spears is that of the Spaniards who won this battle.

“Saturn” Goya

This depicts Cronos or Saturn eating his children (aka Zeus and his siblings) because he didn’t want them to take his power away. However his wife gave him something that made him sick. By then Zeus was fully grown and defeated his father. Such a chilling image.

“Tres de Mayo” Goya

This is of the defeat of the Spaniards in Madrid by the French. In essence it represents standing up for what you believe in no matter what your chances of survival are.

Saturday in Segovia: What a beautiful city! For once I had a tour guide (named Javie) who I understood. I think that’s the main thing that made it so enjoyable. Anyway, here are the highlights:

Beautiful view of the city!

The Roman aqueducts

A statue of Tres de Mayo (similar to Goya’s painting)


The castle. It was full of things with beautiful detail. Like these:

My Knight in Shining armor?

The streets weren’t too shabby either :]

Sunday in Salamanca: We spent the night here and got to see the beautiful city at night. We also went to a really cute Pub which is very popular with the Auburn students who study in Salamanca. We had the place to ourself for as long as I was there so it was a nice way to be  out on the town without the hassle of all the crazy drunk people. Here are a few pics from the trip:


Helado in el Plaza Mayor.

Manana in Plaza Mayor!

Universidad de Salamanca. The oldest University in Spain.

The facade of the University is covered in relief sculpture. There is a tiny “Rana” (frog) hidden on the wall and if you find it you can “make a wish”. This picture narrows it down a bit, try to see if you can find it!

The rest of the week has been less adventurous. Today we went to the Reina Sofia which has Picasso and Dali (among many other artists) paintings. None of the really great works are there but it was still pretty cool to see something their hand’s made. Nothing really worth posting about. I did get to skype with some of my favorite people which was wonderful!

My dearest Hayley Carnes was a major highlight of my day yesterday!

I had a crisis when I accidentally double booked a plane ticket to Paris and my genius of a father suggested I go to the airport to fix it. They handled everything and I could finally breath. Other than that nothing too exciting. I will be heading to Paris on Friday and get back on Sunday with my roommate and another girl from our group so that is going to be AMAZING! I literally can’t wait. But, we have finals for our first class on Friday right before our flight so I have to focus on that until it’s time to head out! Hope to post soon!