Holy Toledo! Thres.

Saturday the whole group went to Toledo. It was extremely beautiful:It was difficult to understand anything on the tour because it was all in in Spanish and loud. A combination that causes me to not listen at all apparently. So, that being said I will do my best to explain everything.

First, was the cathedral.

I liked this because of my Art History class I took in the Spring. It helped a lot in understanding things. I knew the symbolism to identify people in the artwork and the architecture. The inside was extremely beautiful:

Perhaps my favorite part was seeing a piece of artwork that I actually studied in my class! I wasn’t able to take a picture of it due to rules but I found a picture of it on the world wide web:


Queen Blanche of Castile, Louis IX and 2 Monks

Second, we went to the museum of the Synagogue.

The room we went in was very beautiful but I don’t know much about it. I do know that there was writing along the top of the room and the top line of it was perfect and the bottom was imperfect so show the perfection of God and the imperfection of man. There was also a beautiful outfit for the wife of someone important and it made me think of Esther.

Third, we got to eat lunch and tour around the town a bit on our own. There were lots of little shops with leather but I didn’t see anything I wanted to buy. But the streets were still beautiful!

After that we went to where one of El Greco’s most famous paintings was hung over the burial-place of Count Orgaz. This was one of my favorite things since I studied this painting in my Art History class and I was seeing it in person and it was huge and beautiful and overwhelming and intricate. I just love art.

Finally, that we went to a monastery. It was commissioned by Ferdinand and Isabella after they won the battle De Toro. It was intended to be their burial-place but once they won another battle they found a better location.

Mudejar Ceiling with symbols of the King and Queens families. 

Beautiful courtyard with orange trees.

And that concludes my day in Toledo.


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